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Do you wish to live in creative abundance?

Do you crave a community of support in this great time of transition?


Are you ready to step into a deeper experience of sisterhood, universal time and the co creation of planetary harmony?

Dear Beautiful Woman

Welcome to the

WE invite you to join us to walk with natural time. 
*To shift your focus from Time is money, and embody Time is ART.  

    *To break free from societal programming 

*To rebirth yourself into the harmonic resonance of your innate being.

*To trust in your feeling flow, freely expressing, creatively and            spontaneously.


Womb of Creation

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WE hold a gentle space for you to experience the Tzolkin of the Mayan Dreamspell for 52 days / 4 Wavespells.

WE explore, discover, create and play a Game of Conscious Creation in a Unified Field of Magical Manifestation.

WE begin on Red Magnetic Dragon, (18th/19th of May 2022) in this year of Yellow Electric Seed.

WE embrace and birth into being new pathways of support that nurture Your Life into deeper harmony. 

Womb of Creation is for women to

Explore, dream, create, discover, attune to universal love and truth

    *  dive into the Tzolkin Mayan 13:20 Dream Spell
*  deepen comprehension and understanding of the Tzolkin
*  experience integration and embodiment of these codes in daily life
feel nurtured to bring your visions and dreams alive
share creations, wonders and wisdom with others
*  grow into the unknown and unknowable
  *  enjoy supportive sisterhood in transition on Earth


Womb of Creation weaves...

Story telling, teachings, movement, breath, womb wisdom, embodiment practices, sharing, creative play, journalling, the art of contemplation, magical journeys, meditation, music and song.



  *  daily inspirations and gentle guidance.

  *  live gatherings every 13 days

  *  smaller sharing circles that nurture connection

  *  access to resources -

     Introduction to the 13:20 Tzolkin matrix of the Mayan Dreamspell

     Rainbow of light meditation

     A pdf work book

     Dreamspell codex and more…


In the Womb of Creation WE...

  *  contact new joy and travel lighter

  *  connect to dear sisterhood 

  *  embrace our journey and live it more consciously

  *  feel deeper gratitude for the sacredness of life

  *  move in the direction true to us

  *  create pathways that nourish our soul, the future generations and the planet.

   harness our creative life energy

  *  recognise what feeds our soul for a succulent life

Womb of Creation

Enjoy this sacred container of sisterhood